Partners in Health

Baptist Healthy Solutions builds a bridge between business and family. Our program focuses on employee well-being, and involves employee family members in making healthier choices, creating a stronger opportunity for engagement and success. We employ proven strategies to ensure that everyone is incentivized to fully participate in all parts of the wellness program. Our multidisciplinary network works to customize health solutions for employers that may include:

  • Biometric screenings – regularly performed onsite by our licensed nurses to help identify risk factors, provide feedback, improve productivity and lower healthcare costs
  • Health risk assessments – online tools used to gather information and better understand the health dynamics of a workforce, to help tailor programs.
  • Claims analysis – aggregate data provided to employers to determine predictive modeling, insight to risk stratification and care coordination.
  • On-site education & on-site health coaching – programs, seminars, interactive health challenges and one-on-one coaching provided by certified health care professionals.
  • On-site immunizations – easy access to routine immunizations for all employees.
  • Wellness at your fingertips – access to an interactive online portal to easily monitor and track health statistics, personal goals, participate in company-wide health challenges, health risk assessments.